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About Me

My background

  I am an art educator, specializing in post-secondary instruction of digital media, fine arts, art history and humanities. I have been teaching in these disciplines since 2003. I teach both online and in the classroom. I have always used technology as a hybrid-teaching tool. I teach courses in graphic design, art, art history, professional development and humanities.

 As a working, professional art director and graphic design specialist in the coordination of print, web and other alternative media markets, I have provided services for a variety of industries as a freelance contractor successfully for over 20 years. I have worked for newspapers, magazines, promotional companies, medical facilities, and cosmetic products, and non-profit agencies as a designer, art director, marketing coordinator, and graphics production artist.

My experience

I have been 'making' and 'creating' since I was 3 years old. I began drawing and painting at a very young age, started ceramics, music, theater, and writing at 9 years old, and continued to expand my artistic and humanities education throughout my life.

I work in several media.

Painting: watercolor pours, acrylic, gel mediums, collage

3-D: glassworks, crochet, and knitting

Writing: editing, branding and marketing

Music: flute, piano, professional airband musician

Digital Media Maven: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Logos, Branding, Social Media, Academic Presentations and Collateral

Contact me at info@endlesscreativeworld.com

My vision and creative statement

  I believe that the expression of a form, whether classical or contemporary, illusionary or abstract, can have an impact on its viewer as well as the artist. The human forms and organic figures are my forte and speak to me with irony in their voices. I see the human body and organic forms as a sources of comfort, generating a gamut of emotions, all different, valid and intense. When someone looks at the figures and fine art I create, I want to evoke those emotions - positive or otherwise. I want the viewer to be engaged by my forms just as I am engaged by the creation of them.